Format the hard drive using mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda

A command similar to format c: on Windows. It is arranged quite simply:

mkfs.ex3 – creates a new ext3 file system on the device;

/dev/sda – points to the hard disk.

That’s it! A simple command leaves the user without all the data.

Fork bomb: simple but dangerous

:(){:|:&};: – a combination of special characters, as if chosen at random. However, it is powerful enough to stop a running system by simply taking up all available resources.

It works extremely simply – it creates a function that runs two more of its instances, which will then repeat this process. And this will continue until the process takes up all the physical memory of the computer, causing it to freeze.

command > config_filename – overwriting important configuration files

With command > config_filename, everything is simple – it just clears the contents of the configuration file and writes new data to it. Thus, you can easily damage the system by accidentally overwriting an important configuration file.

Molotov cocktail recipe for root partitions – dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda

Everything is simple here – the team clogs the computer’s memory with garbage. And here’s how she does it:

dd is a low–level copy tool;

if=/dev/random – sets /dev/random as input;

of=/dev/sda – outputs data to the hard disk.

A powerful computer is able to withstand this command, but weak systems can suffer very much.


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